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July- too come

 June- As the temperatures warm and drier condition emerge, you're likely to be watering your lawn more regulary, and knowing when and how much to water can be challenge. A simple trick to determaine whether your yard needs watering is to stick a screwdriver into the grass, if it enters the soil easily, your lawn has plenty of water already. If you have trouble getting the screwdriver into the ground, it time to give it a drink.

May- Now that you're likely to be mowing your lawn on a regular basis, change the mowing direction or pattern each time you mow your lawn. Different mowing patterns reduce compaction and turf wear from mower wheels. If this is not happening somebody not paying attention or because it may take more time to do job correctly.

April- Have some thin patches or bare spots that emerged during winter? April's warming temperatures provide a great window of opportunity for reseeding the heavily impacted ares of your lawn, or seeding areas where you'd like to grow new grass.

March- Raking may seem like an odd task when there are no leaves to clean up, but it can be a beneficial addition to your lawn care routine. Raking cleans the top layer of your lawn, allowing healthy green grass to its way to the surface.

February- Now that spring is on the doorstep, you'll want to get your lawn ready for the end of it's winter dormancy. Dethatching your yard is a essential step in preparing your lawn for a new grass that will emerge as the temperatures and rain begins to rise and your lawn sees more sunlight.

 January- Generally a month that requires little lawn maintenance. January is a great opportunity to get your lawn mower prepared and ready for springs punctual arrival. Take some time to get your mowers blades sharpened and oil change the engine, level the mower deck, do a tune up, make sure all safety mechanism are working, take of all cables and lubricate and don't leave any gas in the system with 10% ethanol it will sabotage the carburetor. Your lawn will reap the benefits of a finely tuned mower when grass cutting season arrives.

Excerpts taken from totallandscapercare